'Seeking Aether' (experimental garment collection): InAisce FW 13/14 Men's Collection featuring South Sudanese refugee and former child soldier turned actor and model Ger Duany  - video link

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original transformers (Xerion 5000)

■Farm equipment transformers = transfarmer

Awwww! I hope he/she has whole bunch of tractor babies

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Chiharu Okunugi - Glass Magazine Summer 2014

Photographer: Walter Chin

Fashion Editor: Nicola Kavanagh

Hair: John Ruidant

Make-up: Keiko Tagaki

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italian greyhound / / 

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Some of the neat fishes we caught on the 2014 CCE-LTER process cruise. These were found in the California Current.

1. Aristomias scintillans, Pacific loosejaw

2. Chauliodus macouni, Viperfish

3. Idiacanthus antrostomus, Pacific blackdragon

4. Anoplogaster cornuta, Fangtooth

5. Benthebella dentata, Pearleye

6. Macropinna microstoma, Barreleye

7. Anglerfish, species unknown

8. Nemichthys scolopaceus, Snipe eel

9. Bathophilus flemengi, Highfin dragonfish

10. Stomias atriventer, Black-belly dragonfish

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Ms. Shawna Mills, aka LazyMills has been on my radar for some time. Hailing from my hometown of NYC, the soft spoken 2D animator/concept designer’s work does a lot of the talking with it’s loud, boisterous and “IDGAF” treatment to shape laws and rules. She’s one of my favorite people working and she’s one of the few ladies of color in animation who has their own voice. 

Source:  Lazymills.com

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stop not paying attention to me

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 this is the first thought that came to my mind when she said that her wrench could do more things. I’m sorry

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Black Baccara Rose

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